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How do I log in to eLearning?

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You can login to eLearning by clicking on the word "Student" or "Employee" at the top of the Golden Gate University homepage and then, from a dropdown menu, you'll select "eLearning."

  • If you are a new student you will get your login info, via email, before the beginning of the term you are registered for.
  • If you are a returning student your username and password for eLearning remains the same from term to term and you will not get an email each term.
  • If you've forgotten your password for eLearning you can click on the "Forgot/Change Your Password" link on this page:
  • If you still need help logging in please contact on-site eLearning help during business hours at 415-369-5251, or, after business hours you can use the 24/7 technical eLearning help at 877-960-2041.

GGU4YOU and eLearning are separate systems so your username and password for GGU4YOU may not be the same as your username and password for eLearning. Tip: You may wish to make your eLearning password the same as your GGU4YOU password so you have fewer passwords to remember.

If you log into eLearning and do not see your classes please note that classes only appear on your eLearning page on the first day of the term and not before.