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Do I need to give a proctored exam in the class I teach?

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The following is an update to the policy on proctored examinations for online courses, effective February, 2017:

Given the range of educational programs at GGU, we realize that an exam may not always be the best method to assess student learning.  In addition, technology now makes it possible to more easily ensure academic integrity and enables students to demonstrate learning in a variety ways.  For this reason, we encourage instructors to choose the assessment method(s) most pedagogically appropriate for measuring course learning outcomes. While we anticipate that an exam will continue to be an appropriate method in the majority of online courses, this policy provides flexibility and the ability to select the most pedagogically appropriate assessment tool .

  • If an online course contains an exam(s), at least one of the exams must be proctored through the options currently offered at GGU.  The eLearning office will continue to manage the current process of exam scheduling and proctoring options.
  • If the instructor determines that an exam is not appropriate for measuring course outcomes, other (non-proctored) assessment methods may be used. These include, but are not limited to, capstone projects, research papers, and video conferencing or narrated presentations.
    • In the event written work is a significant component of the assessment, we strongly recommend the use of TurnItIn to promote original work.
    • Out of concern for student privacy protected by the federal FERPA laws, under no circumstance can we ask a student to submit or provide their ID or image, other than for the purpose of authenticating identity under a proctored exam situation.   Students should not be asked to display identification in any of the alternative assessment methods.
    • It is the responsibility of the instructor to administer any alternative (non-proctored) assessments.
    • If a  proctored exam is not used as an assessment in the online course, the eLearning team should be informed as early in the term as possible; this will help the eLearning exam team streamline operations and will help us to better answer questions we may receive from students.

This policy is consistent with federal policy as well as the requirements of our accreditor (WASC Senior College and University Commission) for the verification of student identity.